The IntegraSpec® Difference
  • Our walls interlock by the patented webs for that the forms don’t lift during concrete placement and yet they can be easily unlocked to rebuild a section if necessary.
  • Our unique High Impact Polystyrene inserts, which are fused to the EPS panels actually create the a strongest point in the wall to greatly reduce the chance of blow outs and they are specially designed to connect and eliminate form lift during concrete placement. 
  • We have an exclusive EPS Header and Buck system to quickly form all openings.
  • We have a wide range of web/spacers to form walls from 4" to 12" with a single web/spacer or combined for a concrete thickness up to 36" or more.  
  • Our system has a patented bi-directional feature which allows for quicker assembly without the trouble of rights, lefts, top or bottoms. It’s universal!
  • Panels are easily interchanged to form 90o corners, 45o corners, brickledges with little waste and without the need to carry a huge inventory or leftovers. 
  • Less call backs are required for repairs since the walls cannot twist and warp causing nail popping and wall cracks.

IntegraSpec® was designed to successfully interact with other sub-trades.

  • We have larger 1⅝" wide furring strips at 8" on centre. 
  • Our walls can be accurately dimensioned and are not restricted to 1" or 2" cuts and can be seemed without detriment to the wall. Our patented independent panel system produces an even exterior surface that Siding Contractors, Masons and Stucco Professionals can enjoy working with.