IntegraSpec Products
IntegraSpec is as easy as 1,2,3...
1. IntegraSpec patented Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Panels that are bi-directional (flippable & reversible) for uncomplicated assembly with High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) inserts which provide 15/8" furring strip at 8" o.c. and protect the wall against form compression during concrete placement. The interior or concrete side featured dovetail grooves for full proper contact with the concrete.

2. Spacers/Webs which slide into any IntegraSpec panel creating the desired concrete core thickness. Spacers/Webs also interlock with each other eliminating form lift during concrete placement and providing a "spine" effect when keeping the wall straight. The interlocking clip also eliminates tape, ties and glue common to other ICF wall assembly.

3. IntegraSpecAccessories make the job that much easier, providing a complete wood free environment for your walls.


 IntegraSpec Panels (Click on image for larger picture with dimensions)

Standard Panel
Standard panels are the “workhorse” of the system and can be combined with another standard panel, brickledge panel or taper top panel.
90degree Corner Set
90o corner set includes an inside and outside panel for simple 90o alignment
The patented bi-directional feature means no searching for lefts and rights, one set does all.
Additional inserts at the outside corner provide more furring capability where it’s needed.
90 degree Commercial Corner Set
The Commercial Corner is used with 8" web/spacers or larger.
The outside panel features a thicker, rounded corner for additional support and better concrete flow.
It also has more inserts molded on the interior of the corners for another web/spacer to be place providing additional reinforcement.
45 degree Corner Panel
45o Corner panels are pre-formed to provide quick 45o angles
Inside 45o panel and an Outside 45o panel are not bundled together in case of different quantities requirement when using brickledges.
Brickledge Panel
Brickledge panel has been designed for to support brick or stone when using an ICF for more than 1 level.
Additional grooves are formed into the ledge to accept additional reinforcement bar for support.
Taper Panels
Taper panel has been designed for brick or stone support at the top of a foundation, when completing the balance of the structure with stick lumber and/or to provide additional concrete surface for wider load bearing.
A double taper top panel at the top of the foundation provides excellent support for log homes.
T-Wall Panel
T-Walls are easily formed using 2 inside 90o corner panels with a standard panel at the “T”, no additional specialized block required.
Integra Bucks
IntegraBucks have been specially designed to slide into the interior dovetail grooves found on all IntegraSpec panels, securing the opening from concrete loss and bulging and providing a single substrate for finishing.
Bucks are molded with inserts embedded in place to secure windows or doors directly through the frame.
IntegraBucks eliminate the need for costly wood or plastic products.
Integra Headers
IntegraHeaders are a unique panel used to frame/form the top of any opening.
Panels are designed to sit on top of our IntegraBucks providing a uniform substrate for finishing, eliminating the need for costly wood or plastic products.
IntegraHeaders also increase the energy efficiency of the ICF system
Patented Spacers/Webs have been designed for easy flow of concrete and are available in 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes to create any desired concrete thickness.
Tips have unique interlocking clip that eliminate form lift while placing concrete. This feature saves cost on tape, ties and glue commonly used with other ICFs.
Spacers/Webs can be snapped in half while still maintaining the interlocking clip.
"H" Clip
“H” Clip is designed to link 2 or more Spacers/Webs to create larger concrete thicknesses and common wall designs such as pilasters and buttresses.
The use of an “H” clip along with the independent panel design of IntegraSpec provides the user the flexibility and versatility to easily create any size, height and design of wall without the encumbrance of multiple form units required of ridged ICF blocks.
R-Boost Panels
“Integra R-Boost Panels” has been developed to increase insulation and sound reduction, by simply sliding into the interior dovetail grooves found on all IntegraSpec panels.
Vertical drainage grooves provide a rain screen, and allow mechanical bonding between ICF panels and concrete core.
Available on demand and in various thicknesses. .