Updated Plastic Inserts

IntegraSpec’s Updated and Improved Plastic Inserts:

During the past couple of years, we have been working diligently on improving our plastic inserts. Our Research and Development team has updated the insert design to improve on the quality, productivity and attaining optimal strength and fusion within our ICF panels.
We have molded many parts and conducted several successful field tests, including wall pours with different concrete core sizes and using high slump (8″ to 9″) concrete. We also have performed numerous tensile stretch tests on specialized equipment in order to confirm its strength equivalency as per our original inserts.
We are confident that the updated plastic inserts will perform as well or better than our original insert design. We will soon start shipping IntegraSpec ICF products with these new and updated plastic inserts.

IntegraSpec Corp

COVID-19 (Update June, 2020)

We are confident that in many places COVID-19 is well under control. We have been providing our customers with the personalized service they are used to, and wish to thank all of them, along with everyone else that have supported us over these past few challenging months. ALL of our production facilities throughout North America are now in FULL operation with plenty of IntegraSpec ICF in inventory and ready to ship. Our IntegraTeam continues to be fully dedicated in assisting and supplying our customers from all plant locations. We wish to Thank Everyone for their great support and understanding throughout these difficult times.

COVID-19 (Update May 2020)

We are happy to announce that ALL of our production facilities in North America have now re-opened, we have stock in all locations and shipping products without any more delays. Our Team continues to be safe and committed in helping and supplying our customers. Thank You for your great support and understanding.


Your IntegraSpec Team

COVID – 19 (Update April 7, 2020)

With the construction and building material supplies qualifying as essential services in most of the United States and Canadian Provinces, our Team continues to be committed in helping and supplying our customer’s orders from several plant locations in North America. Possible delays can be expected due do staff and hour reductions at some plant locations. Thank You for your support and understanding.


Your IntegraSpec Team

2020 ICF Builder Awards

In Las Vegas, at the 2020 World of Concrete, the group “Les Coffrages Isolants Ltd.” (LCI) was presented one of the Top award in the Multifamily category presented by The ICF Builder Magazine. This award winning project is a 33x high end apartment complex located in Granby, Quebec which was fully built with IntegraSpec ICF. What’s more impressive, this project was selected among hundreds of other spectacular projects entered in this category. Hat’s off and Congratulations to LCI’s Team for this prestigious award and overall contribution to the ICF building industry! See this project’s details and pictures at: https://integraspec.com/project/icf-apartments-in-granby-multi/

Installation Manual V9.0

Installation Manual V.9 can be downloaded from our website’s Library – Installation or with using the following links: https://integraspec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Integraspec-Installation-Manual-v-9-plus-catalogue.pdf. This installation manual replaces V.8.

You may also obtain hard copies by contacting us at info@integraspec.com or call 1-800-382-9102, ext. 0; Thank You, IntegraSpec Corp.

Installation Manual