New 2022 IntegraSpec CAN Part 9 Design Engineering Now Available see: Joins the ICFMA

IntegraSpec Corp. has joined the Insulating Concrete Form Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) as a primary member.  With our more than 25 years in the ICF industry, we will be well suited to help the ICFMA continue innovating, promoting, training, and expanding the use of ICFs.

We’ve Moved

Dear valued customers, business associates, and friends,

Please note that we have relocated our Head Office to a nearby location (which is also our new mailing address) – we are now located at:

Integraspec Corp.
774 Baker Crescent, Unit A,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7M 6P6

IMPORTANT – Mailing Cheques

Please continue to mail all payments to:

Integraspec Corp.
325 Principale Nord,
Waterville, Quebec, J0B 3H0

We have updated our telephone system!

The telephone numbers remain the same with new extensions for each of our IntegraTeam members as indicated below:

Toll Free: 1-800-382-9102
Main Tel: 613-634-1319
Fax: 613-634-2291

IntegraTeam:                                                                         Extension
Genera inquiries or leave a message0
Quebec orders and or speak French1
Lyndsay Shillington – Orders and Logistics101
Danielle Tremblay – Accounting and Orders102
Shelly Faye – Marketing and Enquiries103
Sam Philippe – Technical Support and Estimating104
Olivié Philippe – Technical Support and Estimating105
Kelvin MacPhee – Sales Manager / Atlantic Provinces106
Jean-Raphael Turgeon – Account manager / Eastern North America107
Nicholas Nikiforuk – Sales Executive / Western North America108
Michael Lain – Sales / Sr. VP Sales Eastern North America109
Bruce Burnett – CEO201
Michel Philippe – President202
Small Price adjustment for June 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

As you can appreciate, we have been able to keep our pricing relatively stable over the past several years. Unfortunately, with the pandemic supply and manufacturing disruptions, we have no other alternative than to pass on a small price adjustment which will be in effect on June 1st, 2021. Please contact us if you have not yet received our new price list.

Any orders that have been processed prior to June 1st will be at the old price. Please also provide us with five (5) working days notice to make sure we are able to make the necessary product and shipping arrangements.

We remain optimistic that the plastic and EPS raw material pricing will stabilize; we are also anticipating and preparing for a surge in demand due to the skyrocketing prices of wood and metal products, which further promotes building with IntegraSpec ICF at a lower cost.

Ordering by email (preferred): or by phone: 1-800-382-9102.

Please use extension 6 for Lyndsay and extension 4 to reach Danielle.

Thank you for your comprehension and especially trusting our products for your projects.

COVID-19 Update (January 2021)

Wishing everyone a healthy, joyous and a prosperous New Year!

Even with the recently mandated lock-down / restrictions in several locations, our dedicated Integra Team will continue to provide our customers the best service and quality products. Our production facilities throughout North America continue to be in full operation as we continue to be deemed an essential business / product.

We wish to Thank Everyone for their great support and understanding throughout the pandemic challenges of 2020 and like you, were hoping that this pandemic will soon be in the past. Stay in good health and safe.


Your IntegraSpec Team

Happy Holidays

With the Holiday Season upon us, we at IntegraSpec Corp. find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have contributed to the success of our business. We highly value our relationship and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Health, Peace and Prosperity.

During the Holiday Season, our office will be closed starting December 21st and re-opening on Monday January 4th. Thank You

Updated Plastic Inserts

IntegraSpec’s Updated and Improved Plastic Inserts:

During the past couple of years, we have been working diligently on improving our plastic inserts. Our Research and Development team has updated the insert design to improve on the quality, productivity and attaining optimal strength and fusion within our ICF panels.
We have molded many parts and conducted several successful field tests, including wall pours with different concrete core sizes and using high slump (8″ to 9″) concrete. We also have performed numerous tensile stretch tests on specialized equipment in order to confirm its strength equivalency as per our original inserts.
We are confident that the updated plastic inserts will perform as well or better than our original insert design. We will soon start shipping IntegraSpec ICF products with these new and updated plastic inserts.

IntegraSpec Corp

COVID-19 (Update June, 2020)

We are confident that in many places COVID-19 is well under control. We have been providing our customers with the personalized service they are used to, and wish to thank all of them, along with everyone else that have supported us over these past few challenging months. ALL of our production facilities throughout North America are now in FULL operation with plenty of IntegraSpec ICF in inventory and ready to ship. Our IntegraTeam continues to be fully dedicated in assisting and supplying our customers from all plant locations. We wish to Thank Everyone for their great support and understanding throughout these difficult times.

COVID-19 (Update May 2020)

We are happy to announce that ALL of our production facilities in North America have now re-opened, we have stock in all locations and shipping products without any more delays. Our Team continues to be safe and committed in helping and supplying our customers. Thank You for your great support and understanding.


Your IntegraSpec Team

COVID – 19 (Update April 7, 2020)

With the construction and building material supplies qualifying as essential services in most of the United States and Canadian Provinces, our Team continues to be committed in helping and supplying our customer’s orders from several plant locations in North America. Possible delays can be expected due do staff and hour reductions at some plant locations. Thank You for your support and understanding.


Your IntegraSpec Team