Small Price adjustment for June 2021


Dear Valued Customers,

As you can appreciate, we have been able to keep our pricing relatively stable over the past several years. Unfortunately, with the pandemic supply and manufacturing disruptions, we have no other alternative than to pass on a small price adjustment which will be in effect on June 1st, 2021. Please contact us if you have not yet received our new price list.

Any orders that have been processed prior to June 1st will be at the old price. Please also provide us with five (5) working days notice to make sure we are able to make the necessary product and shipping arrangements.

We remain optimistic that the plastic and EPS raw material pricing will stabilize; we are also anticipating and preparing for a surge in demand due to the skyrocketing prices of wood and metal products, which further promotes building with IntegraSpec ICF at a lower cost.

Ordering by email (preferred): or by phone: 1-800-382-9102.

Please use extension 6 for Lyndsay and extension 4 to reach Danielle.

Thank you for your comprehension and especially trusting our products for your projects.