Standard Panels

Bundle of 18 panels, covers 36.72 sq/ft [3.41 sq/m]

IntegraSpec is the original bi-directional, reversible and perpendicular interlocking ICF building system with No Top, Bottom, Left and Right Forms. Unlike other ICFs, IntegraSpec's Independent panel allows to free form any shape and any size of walls, footings, columns without being hand-cuffed like an ICF block which only installs like a masonry product concept. The IntegraSpec High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic inserts are bonded / fused within the IntegraSpec Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam panels making IntegraSpec the strongest ICF system on the market with having the fastest pouring rate using high slump or self leveling concrete to eliminate cold joints, voids, honeycombing, crooked and wavy walls.

IntegraSpec's Standard panels are THE ULTIMATE and the only UNIVERSAL, INDEPENDENT panel having with NO TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE. Because they interlocks in any configurations, cut panels are also used in the wall assembly creating very little to no waste. Standard panels are the same unit for all concrete core sizes and for building walls, columns and footings. They may also be mitered to form corners and curved walls. Each panel provides embedded vertical fastening / stud at every 8in (203 mm) on center. Easy slide in web / spacers (inside the panel's plastic inserts / studs) also allows to quickly install forms around rebar (seismic & multi-level design) and steel columns without having to drop forms from a ladder, scaffold or a boom. Also allows for one side of wall with webs / spacers to be constructed for easy and complex rebar and stirrups placement. Our independent panels may also be assembled and positioned differently on the opposite side of wall, panels can be up or down, left or right from each other.


Typical Panel Dimension(s)

Length 48.0" x Width 2.5" x Height 12.25" (interlocked) (Length 122 cm x Width 6.35 cm x Height 31.12 cm) Note: part dimensions may vary slightly due to EPS material shrinkage (100% recyclable)

Standard Concrete Cavity / Core

4'' (10,2cm) / 5'' (12,7 cm) / 6'' (15,2cm) / 8'' (20,3cm) / 10'' (25,4cm) / 12'' (30,5cm)

Total Wall Width (2 Integra Panels + Concrete Core)

9'' (22,9 cm) / 10'' (25,4 cm) / 11'' (27,9 cm) / 13'' (33,0 cm) / 15'' (38,1 cm) / 17'' (43,2 cm)

Integra Foam panel(s) Material

Flame Retardant Type 2, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Density = 1.5 pounds/cubic/feet (pcf) (24.14 kg/m3)

Integra Plastic Insert(s) Material

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) (100% recycled material)

Unique and Special Interlocking Features of the Panels

Patented bi-directional and or reversible (No top, bottom, left, or right hand side). Enables faster and more accurate installation and eliminates waste.

Interlocking Design

Unique special patented friction and mechanical interlocks

Typical Fastening Studs / Strapping

Vertical 1⅝" (4.13 cm) wide located every 8" (20 cm) OC

Exterior Surface Area

4.08 ft2 (0.38 m2) (interlocked)

Concrete Volume 4" (10.16 cm) Wall

0.05 yd3 (0.039 m3)/ Standard Form Unit

Concrete Volume 5" (12.70 cm) Wall

0.06 yd3 (0.048 m3)/ Standard Form Unit

Concrete Volume 6" (15.24 cm) Wall

0.08 yd3 (0.058 m3)/ Standard Form Unit (shown above)

Concrete Volume 8" (20.32 cm) Wall

0.10 yd3 (0.077 m3)/ Standard Form Unit

Concrete Volume 10" (25.40 cm) Wall

0.12 yd3 (0.094 m3)/ Standard Form Unit

Concrete Volume 12" (30.48cm) Wall

0.151 yd3 (0.11 m3)/ Standard Form Unit

Qtys / Area / Meters per Bundle

18 Standard Panels (9 Blocks) 36.72 ft2 (3.41 m2) of wall area (incl. both sides of wall)



Owners enjoy energy savings up to 100% (Net Zero).


IntegraSpec® offer great protection from high winds in hurricane and tornado areas, withstanding winds in excess of 250 mph.


STC rating of 50+ (or greater when combined with other sound reduction materials).


No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and does not support the growth of mold or mildew.


IntegraSpec® eliminate moisture and condensation.


Fire protection for several hours ensuring superior safety for your family.


By using IntegraSpec ICF you complete 6 steps in one application


100% recyclable material, Net Zero homes / Leed / Passivhaus, geothermal shell compliant


Panels are reversible and bi-directional, eliminating top, bottom, right and left, greatly reducing waste of material.