Christ Church Parish Centre, ON

DESIGNER: Nicholas Nikiforuk Kingston, Ontario

ICF DISTRIBUTOR: Insulated Concrete Solutions Kingston, Ontario

FEATURES: 6″ IntegraSpec® 4′ frost wall and main exterior walls ranging from 12.5′ to 28.5′ high.

BENEFITS: This 8000 ft² church incorporates a worship area, multi purpose function centre, offices, and auxiliary rooms into a fully operating church and celebration centre. The church is located on a main access road and is located close to other century old churches. The building committee members wanted a wallsystem that could reduce external noise, provide long-term energy efficiency, and fit into a historical setting. IntegraSpec® delivered everything the church needed.

“Our goal in building this new facility was to construct a building that would last for generations to come. We wanted a structure that was extremely energy efficient and durable to reduce future operating and maintenance costs. Through grants, fund raising, and donations from the congregation, we were able to raise funds for our millennium church. Originally we needed morespace for our growing parish;however,we have quickly realized the added benefits of a dry, warm, functional building that IntegraSpec® delivered.”

– Nicholas Nikiforuk