Executive Residence Dothan, AL

PROJECT: Executive Residence, Dothan, Alabama

ARCHITECT/ICF CONSULTANT: David Lindsey Fairhope, Alabama

CONTRACTOR: Harry Wingham Kinston, Alabama

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: EMM Group Ottawa, Ontario

FEATURES: IntegraSpec® wallsystem foundation to upper floor levels using various concrete thicknesses as required. 12″ concrete main floor slab.

BENEFITS: This 24,000 ft² residence incorporates a 12″ concrete core IntegraSpec® foundation, 16′ high with two 10′ stories of 6″ IntegraSpec® on top. The 8′ tall colonnade walls were constructed using a 19″ IntegraSpec® concrete core. The contractor was extremely impressed with IntegraSpec®, having been told by other ICF contractors that a structure of this magnitude could not be done. Mr. Wingham was noted to say, “IntegraSpec® made it look easy”.

“When searching for an ICF for this project, IntegraSpec® was the only system that could
possibly achieve the wall thickness and accuracy required for this home. IntegraSpec®’s unique
independent panel design virtually eliminated waste and assembled faster on site than other
systems. Walls were formed and erected with easy to cut, reversible panels held with powerful
interlocking webs. No Blocks Required! When asked about using an ICF, I proudly state: Insist
on The Original IntegraSpec®, the imitations won’t do”.

– David Lindsey