Multi-Family (33x) Granby, QC

PROJECT: 33x high-end apartments

CONTRACTOR: Les Coffrages

INTEGRASPEC® SUPPLIER: Les Coffrages , Granby, Quebec


100% IntegraSpec ICF project, 33 high-end apartments in downtown Granby, Quebec. This 3 floor multi-family project of 45 830 Sq. Ft. offers 11 apartments per floor adapted for reduced mobility tenants. It has a total length of 207 feet, 89 feet wide and 32 feet height. The building has 26 corners per floor and a total of 126 openings overall (Doors and windows totalizing more than 5,500 square feet). More than 1000 cubic meters of concrete has been used to build it. The building also has 6250 Sq. Ft. of concrete balconies.

By combining a conception of 100% ICF building with the Hambro D500 composite floor system, the contractor Les Coffrages has been able to reach very high levels of soundproofing.

For this particular project, we have developed a wall installation process that allows us to avoid the use of fall prevention equipment (harness, lifelines, guardrails).

IntegraSpec’s products, with its independent and versatile panels, allowed us to seal the openings of doors and windows. In this way, we were able to save a significant amount of money on site heating.

We’ve taken advantage of our experience with different concretes mixes and blend it differently during unique castings. We’ve adjusted the window heads and flat walls to reduce cost of concrete mixing and for reinforcement of specific areas.

The design of this building pushes to the limit the benefits of IntegraSpec ICF. With the reversible independent panels and the spacers breakable in two halves, we’ve been able to reuse almost 100% of the material for doors and window openings towards subsequent floors. We have maximized the recovery of material on this site to reach near zero waste.