LCA Early Learning Center, TN

PROJECT: Preschool and Child Care, Murfreesboro, TN

ARCHITECT: Picklesimer Roberts Architecture

CONTRACTOR: The Hybrid Group

ENGINEER: Robert Warren & Associates / OLG Engineering


ICF CONSULTANT: Skipper Smotherman

FEATURES: The school has facilities for about 150 students. The design was for a rectangular building—roughly 150 feet by 60, with a single slope roof. To create bright, airy classrooms and allow for the roof slope, the taller wall at the front of the building stands 22 feet above grade without intermediate floors. The back wall is 16 feet. The thickness of the ICF core varies between six and eight inches to create ledges and beam pockets that support the roof. The front wall features numerous two-foot jogs; which strengthen the wall, serve as beam pockets, and hide the expansion joints placed at the inside corners. These changes in wall thickness at corners and pilasters are easily accomplished with IntegraSpec’s panel and spacer system. The beam pockets and pilasters have embed plates for attaching the main roof beams.

BENEFITS: The school is operated by Lancaster Christian Academy as one of their early learning centers. To keep costs down, they took an innovative approach to construction and ownership. It was bid as a design/build project with a leaseback provision, so the Hybrid Group served as designer, general contractor, ICF installer, and long-term building owner.

“Because this is a long-term investment for us, we designed for extreme longevity, low maintenance costs, and very low energy consumption.” ICFs were a natural fit, we chose IntegraSpec as the ICF brand for the job”

– Skipper Smotherman, Owner – The Hybrid Group